Quick Take: It was the Tiramisu

“White says that fighters bring flagged for tainted supplements is a big problem and they are working with USADA on it. He says that USADA can often tell if it’s a tainted supplement by the levels that come back in the positive tests.” @aaronbronsteter

“Is this accurate? Thought it also depends on how much and/or when you used the supplement as to what levels are found.” @RyanThomasMMA


Yes, and no. Lets say I am tested for alcohol at work in the afternoon and they find small traces of alcohol in my system.

  • This could be consistent with me having a large slice of Tiramisu at lunch….
  • Equally, it could also be consistent with me getting utterly bladdered a couple of nights ago.

There is no way of establishing, purely from the alcohol levels, which of those situations was the cause. The low levels can support both arguments, there’s simply no way of knowing, .


If we analyse the Tiramisu, we can at least determine, knowing the amount of alcohol in it, and knowing when it was ingested, if, the levels of alcohol in my system were consistent with having consumed that particular dessert at the time I claimed.

It would not conclusively prove that was the cause, but could certainly back up that claim, and equally, it could conclusively disprove my claim if the amount of alcohol in my system was simply too high to have been caused from eating cake.


If I was tested yesterday, and that test showed no traces of alcohol in my system, that could conclusively disprove the “I got really bladdered two nights ago” which makes the tiramisu theory all the more likely…