Archive: “That Remix”

In 2012 over the course of 4 months, “Voice of Cycling” Phil Liggett appeared on Ballz Visual Radio, a South African radio station defending his “Friend” Lance Armstrong live on air.

What followed was nearly an hour across three interviews where he defended Lance to the hilt, accused USADA of having no jurisdiction, it being a politically motivated crusade against Lance with witness being paid to lie in their testimony. (Remember, this is a Phil Liggett who was PAID by Armstrong to make multiple appearances at Livestrong events). At the time, it must be remembered, Phil was probably the most influential commentator in the sport. If Phil said it, it was true.

The result¬†was a (possibly alcohol induced)¬†five minute, remix of the best of Phil’s quotes which became affectionately known as “Liggett mix”

I can only apologise…

If you want the full 16 minutes of unadulterated entertainment, this is Phil’s interview with Ballz Radio when it was first announced that USADA were going to charge Armstrong

A month or so later Ballz talk to Phil again, this time just after USADA have reached their decision, Phil, remains defiant..

By October, when the UCI ratified the USADA ruling and Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France titles, Phil, seemed a little more, despondant..